My Simple Philosophy

Enrolled Agent Prometric Japan 2023. Me successfully passing the Special Enrollment Examination.

I regard myself more as a Creator first, Accountant second. Anybody who is inspired to do anything for the benefit and delight of others is, in my opinion, a Creator.

As in anyone who decides to make a decent, respectable living on their own by:

  1. developing and imparting useful knowledge,
  2. creating proudly produced stuff (that solves real problems),
  3. and producing activities that give true value to the people they serve (enough to pay for, and love enough to tell others about).

Creators, like you and us, believe our audience isn't just there to serve our purpose.


We get Real Fans in this manner.

It's an easy, win-win philosophy.

  1. Serve first,
  2. acquire financial freedom by getting paid (well).

Welcome! I've been waiting for you.

Hi, I'm Eloi! Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) passer and Enrolled Agent (EA).

My Vision is to help build a community of responsible and well-educated Enrolled Agents in the Philippines.

My humble Mission is to assist fellow Filipino Accountants step-by-step in preparing for and passing the three-part Special Enrollment Examination (SEE), to lay out a clear and precise roadmap for you, to eventually become the tax professional who has earned the privilege of representing US tax payers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Passing the SEE involves studying smart, not hard, and takes the right mindset. I want your journey to becoming an EA for the IRS to be a fun and rewarding experience. So I've decided to share all my resources to you FREE OF CHARGE.

A promising Journey

It was no joke working my full-time job and studying for the tests at the same time. From my heart and mind, I knew I had to make sacrifices (and money too). It is like reviewing for the professional board exams. Simply put, there are no shortcuts!

Allow me to share to you my exciting journey in passing the three-part SEE in one take.